RE: Taco Bell – Smyrna, Georgia: I want you to know that Mark M.’s degree of integrity, hard work and dedication to his job is beyond what I have seen in my career in this business. Honestly, folks like him are hard to find.

Morteza/Taco Bell Owner’s Rep

We at Rouse Properties and The Shoppes at Carlsbad Mall specifically have worked with Venture Construction Company on many different construction projects over the last year and we have been very impressed with the product they have turned over. Venture Constructions high regard to safety, security and quality craftsmanship including the policies and procedures we have here at the mall have contributed to the success of the projects performed. Venture Construction has worked at multiple locations here on the mall’s property and with different tenants including even previous GC’s that have had construction projects going on here with great success. The knowledge and proactiveness we have witnessed regarding the complexity of working around the public, consideration of other tenants and multiple other facets that construction projects in an active public area bring have been excellent.

Kyle Godat, Regional Director, Rouse Properties

I am writing to let you know how much we appreciate the superior effort and leadership demonstrated on the CNN project. The project manager demonstrated his character and outstanding leadership qualities by keeping his composure during some very adverse conditions at CNN. Each time an issue surfaced, he showed the values lived by our Founder, Dave Thomas, and are the foundation of Wendy’s culture: put quality in everything you do, treat people with respect, and always do the right thing.

Gary Bogo, Wendy’s International

I am even more pleased now than I was when we met about the performance of your team in Nashville. The Project Manager for our job was exceptional on his communication, paperwork, follow through and knowledge of the intent of the project. The proactive approach made the project a success and this individual understood the intensity of the scope. I believe that his leadership and hard work was the driving force to getting this project completed as needed. I thought I was pushy, but your superintendent’s energy and pride to complete the task at hand as well as emphasis on maintaining quality was a huge factor in making the project a success.

Tom Huch, Construction Manager, Maggiano’s Little Italy

McDonald’s Corporation would like to thank you for the exceptional job on the Southern Style Chicken Rollout. Your commitment and dedication has enabled us to launch a very successful program.

Vivian Valdivia, Development Director and Dawn Bourseau, Construction Consultant McDonald’s USA

On 2/7/2007 a health compliance officer from the Bureau of Compliance of the North Carolina Division of Occupational Safety and Health conducted a partial inspection of your work site at 603 River Hwy in Mooresville, North Carolina. The Compliance Officer identified no apparent violations of either North Carolina safety standards or regulations. We commend you on maintaining your workplace in this manner, and we appreciate your commitment to protecting the health and safety of your employees.

North Carolina Division of Occupational Safety and Health

It was a pleasure working with all of you because of the attention to detail that all of you give to my stores.

Victor Kozma, Director of Construction and Maintenance, Carolina Restaurant Group (Wendy’s franchisee)

I was certainly not looking forward to having the restaurant in turmoil during the Christmas holidays and the thought of losing business because of the construction caused me some concern. I am happy to say that with all that was going on, we still showed increased sales for the month of December. That’s a hard thing to do with so much construction going on both inside and outside the restaurant.

Dru K. Robinson-Mang, Owner-Operator, South Point Enterprises, Inc. (McDonald’s franchisee)

I am writing to express my gratitude to your superintendent. This individual has been most attentive to the construction requirements of this fire district. He has been a pleasure to deal with and as a representative of your business presents a professional and courteous attitude.

George Ellington, Fire Inspector, Cedar Hammock Fire Rescue

The organizational, quality, and relationship skills shown by your superintendent made this project just a pleasure for me. His “creativity” in problem solving was especially helpful. He had a sense of urgency about everything, but not at the expense of quality.

Becky Sharp, Project Manager, McDonald’s Corporation

I was very satisfied with the way you handled all of the details of such a complex project. And the finished product is excellent!

Becky Sharp, Project Manager, McDonald’s Corporation

Brant I do want to thank you for kicking “A” when it comes to getting us timely submittals, making your subs submit our specified products, and for thoroughly checking the submittals prior to dumping them on us (like most project managers do not do). You are the poster child for up front project management.

Don Shows, Jr., Construction Director, Brinker International

Paulon has told me on a number of occasions that Venture Construction in general has been excellent to work with in Tampa. He said they were always extremely attentive to the schedule and to cooperating with Paulon so the job would proceed easily, on schedule and with a minimum of conflict. He has told me several times that he wishes all the superintendents and all the building construction companies were as good to work with as Venture has been. --

Michael J. Wisdom, President, Wisdom Development Group, Inc.

After 17 days of being closed for a Refresh, Peachtree Pkwy reopened today. The store looks excellent thanks to Venture Construction, Josh, and all of the subs that worked for them. Also thanks to all who worked who very hard to give the store that clean "Just Built" look. Thanks everyone for all of your hard work! Now, let’s go to work to Satisfy every Customer!

Larry Robbins, Wen-Robb, LLC

You really did a great job at this location. This is your Flagship location and it really shows it. When you top the hill and start coming down the parkway, your location is the best thing on the block. WOW!!!!!! What a great remodel. I hope this project is a great success for your organization.

Gary Bogo, Construction Manager, The Wendy's Company

I wish to commend Walt Norman with Venture Construction in Memphis. He assembles a great team to get the job completed on time and within budget. Equally important to cost is his team's professionalism, knowledge and experience. Perhaps his most valuable asset is initiating creative solutions when challenges arise. Our restaurants constantly receive outstanding reviews from the community and municipality. We are very pleased with Venture's quality of construction over the past years and look forward to continue that string of success.

Ed Czmut, Construction & Development, Popeye's of Memphis

Hilton, I just received a phone call from Chip McGeehan, the O/O at Eldon telling me what a great job your superintendent and Jen did at Eldon. Neither of us get these calls often enough, I wanted to pass it along to you so you could share as you feel appropriate. Great job, thanks for all of the help.

Keith Hosto, CEO, CMG, Inc.

Congratulations to Jennifer P. and the entire Kansas City team on A Job Well Done on the McDonald’s in Rogersville, Missouri! Congratulations! Another great project and done early! Thanks for all the work that you have done this year on all of the projects. Please pass on to Joe, Phil and Hilton that I appreciate all the work that you guys have done on these projects- they have all gone very well! Looking forward to more projects with you in 2019. Happy Holidays!

Alicia, CMG Inc. Services

Congratulations to our Jud S., Bill M. and our entire Atlanta team! It is rewarding when recognized for hard work, especially when Venture Construction Company is recommended to others. Paul, Stan mentioned you two had discussed briefly today our success history with commercial construction company Venture Construction and more specifically with one of their Project Managers, Jud S. Jud and his onsite Superintendent Bill M. have successfully completed several of our most recent projects for our company. To be more specific Jud has built two free standing Starbucks Coffee units, a very sharp Sleep Number unit and currently finishing a dental orthopedic office plus a Steak & Shake unit. These builds have been delivered on schedule and for good construction value. If you would like to team up with a great construction company with highly qualified professional management team members I would not hesitate to recommend Venture and Jud to Huddle House.

Alan Davis, Pate Holdings

Hi Steve, I just wanted to reach out to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with your team from Venture. Freddie, Steve and Ryan have been great to work with on past and current jobs. I started using Venture a few years ago and jobs have went great. Budget and schedules have all been in alignment with our expectations. Venture and Freddie specifically, have the best average for schedules of any of my GCs. I believe that we are averaging 108 days on my projects. That is great news for both of us. I really appreciate a WIN / WIN set up. I look forward to do MANY more jobs in the future. My jobs relocating to Colorado and New Mexico after the first of the year but would love to continue the relationship. Let’s talk further.

Clay A. Worthy, Construction Project Manager, Panda Restaurant Group

Phil/Dan, We've been working together for a while now and have many projects under our belts together. I have to tell you that Venture is by far the best outfit I have ever had the opportunity to work with. You guys, your PMs, and your Supers are top-notch. The level of consistency, organization, and professionalism you conduct yourselves and projects with is what I strive to do /be in my company as well. I felt the overwhelming need to share my gratitude and appreciation. Looking forward to keeping the train rolling.

Michael E. Harvey, MLH Company, LLC

Bobby, thanks for all you do day in and day out. This was a tough project with all the rain!! I want to let you know, I appreciate what you and your team (John and Fred) did to push through and get this one open. Congratulations. I am sorry that I won’t be able to be at the opening on Thursday as usual. I hope you all stay safe and I hope to see you on the next project.

Leo Van Buuren, Area Construction Manager, McDonald's USA, LLC

Fernando, Mike, and Joel- Wanted to share with you all the new shop opening announcement on Baton Rouge. The shop has received rave reviews from our CEO, US President, and Operations team – excellent work! As always, I very much appreciate the partnership and strong execution. Here’s to many more!

Levi Hetrick, VP, Shop Experience & Real Estate, Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation

Please join me in congratulating Gary Stanberry and his team on the GRAND OPENING of their newly remodeled restaurant in Richmond Hill, Georgia. The restaurant opened one-week early from the initially scheduled date. This team also added an SBS and an ABS to this build last minute. I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Mike C. John L. and David J. of Venture Construction Company for keeping this project ahead of schedule during a pandemic. Thank you to ALL the Supplier and Vendors during this difficult time. I want to give a big THANK YOU to Gary Stanberry, Justine Stanberry, Paula Cain, Robert Chapman, Tom Hanneman, and the entire McDonald’s staff in this location for making this project a success. Your team is wonderful. The restaurant looks fantastic!

Rosendo Ramon, McDonald’s External Construction Manager

First off, I want to say thank you to each of you. Mike, Adam calls you the “HARD CHARGER” and that is a perfect name for a guy who gets it done. YOU truly get it done and done first class. Thanks for running the cleanest and most organized site I have ever seen. Ryan, Tony, you guys are to be thanked too. Your constant coordination and follow up are to be commended. First class guys. BTW, I am not happy that the HARD CHARGER got pulled to Charlotte, If we were basketball players my shot just got blocked!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam, you have been great support on this project too. I think we all need to meet for a celebratory Beer or milk if you like.

Kevin Coffey, Taco Bell

Chris- Thanks for the extraordinary effort in getting the Double Dogs to the finish line….and open on time. Below is an updated punchlist. Call me if you have any questions….have a good weekend.

David Bernado, Rafferty's