Amos Cottage “Therapeutic Outdoor Playspace”


The Amos Cottage “Therapeutic Outdoor Playspace” was built and designed to help mainstream children with behavioral problems.  Our Greensboro team worked for months researching, planning and engaging everyone that would listen.  The Venture Family (employees, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.) stepped up and contributed countless time, equipment and materials to make the project a reality.  Larry Langley (semi-retired) volunteered to oversee anytime we had projects or volunteers helping.  Tom Westmoreland volunteered to clear, grade, and provide equipment anytime it was needed.  Venture office & field staff worked on specific projects as well as providing oversite for volunteers groups.  Not only did an awesome support facility become a reality for Amos Cottage, but we saw a whole community come together.  This aspect was particularly rewarding to see the goodness, generosity, and fellowship displayed by everyone!

The kids have behavioral & emotional disorders and the playground design is centered around the therapeutic benefits of play.  It is specifically designed to provide situations where the kids have to work together in pairs or in a group to create play elements. 

-Phil McKinney, Greensboro VP/Branch Manager